Seven fully developed pears hanging from a branch only three inches long were brought to the Log Cabin Democrat office today by J.W. James. Four of the pears, grown on a four-year-old Douglass pear tree, grew from one bud spur and three from another. The tree is on the south side of his house at 1220 Clifton St. All fruit except that on branches close to the building were frost-killed last spring, but the branches not affected are loaded with fruit, he said.

Two Conway residents have won prizes in a nation-wide contest sponsored by Champion Spark Plug Co.

Named 10th place winners in the huge contest were Edward Fraser and Earl F. Rogers.

Both won electric can openers during Champion’s recent "Vacation of a Lifetime" contest, which offered motorists an opportunity to win a luxurious airliner for two weeks as a grand prize.

Members of the Faulkner County chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) will attend a victim support conference tomorrow in Little Rock.

Phyllis Jo Johnson, president of the MADD chapter, said about seven members of the Faulkner County group plan to attend the conference. The meeting is sponsored by the Pulaski County MADD chapter and Bale Chevrolet.

What started as an effort to raise money for the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks has now become part of the City of Conway, as tiles painted by local residents of all ages are now on display as part of the northwest wall of City Hall.

The project began last year shortly after the attacks when local business owner Sharon Kincade discovered a ceramics company that was organizing a program to sell tiles for charity and send both the proceeds and the decorated tiles to New York.