The "working class" gets one day off,

Before they have to start "humping it" again!

This so-called holiday is called Labor Day,

Yet, to a little bit of rest it does lend.

With the economy in such dire straits,

There’s not much room for time-off

For the workers must bear the work load

It seems, at whatever the cost.

With gasoline prices zooming,

And the housing market crisis that exists,

Labor Day, it is so aptly called,

For that is actually what it is.

Yet, the day is meant to be a time of brief respite,

One day off, from all our labor and toil,

For the work forge will still be awaiting us,

Although, just for a day, it’s been put on "slow boil."

We are as we vote,

The platform upon which the party stands,

So hold true to God’s principles,

Which founded this fair land.

For the platform reflects the core beliefs,

That we would defend with our lives,

It is our duty to uphold the truths and values,

That our great nation underlie.

Voting is a right and privilege,

Let’s use it to stand for good,

Our decision is paramount,

Let’s undertake the responsibility as we should.

For we are as we vote,

The platform upon which the party stands,

So this coming November 6, 2012

Let’s give "right" a helping hand.

You may think voting is a private, personal thing,

Yet, there is a Judgment Day ahead,

Be assured, we will reap the consequences of our decisions,

So let’s be careful "of the sacred ground whereupon we tread."

... It has been said ...,

When something is too good to be true;

... It usually is ...!

You must expect to take the good,

... With the bad ...!

"Life is never a bed of roses."

... It is always said ...!

But, if it were, you wouldn’t care,

... To sleep in the bed ...!

Thorns adorn each stem — do stick;

... once again ...

The good with the bad!

Temper is always spoken of as bad;

... But, temper, when it is tempered;

... is a good thing to have ...

To be passive on every issue;

... come what may ...;

Is never good, and can be sad!

If something seems perfect today,

Tomorrow may prove you’ve been had!

Life is more a combination of the two;

... it’s true...!

But, with Christ’s help and blessing each day;

Others have been victorious — so can you!

A stitch in time saves nine!

Do you ever let things go?

Neglecting what you ought to do;

Waiting until later on?

Much more time it always takes,

To sew the place — that’s torn ...

Than if one stitch instead of nine;

Repairing the damage — saving time!

No matter if it’s a stitch or not;

For anything that falls your lot,

If corrected or fixed at once,

Saves time ... not that nine!

We go along as if we’re blind;

Pretending not to see the sign.

Neglect puts one in a bind!

Then what’s needed — many more than nine!