Some weary voters say "Ho hum,

It’s Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum;

The candidates are just the same,

Alike in everything but name."

But I insist that they are wrong,

And if you’ll bear with me, ere long,

I’ll show you that there is a gap

Between me and that other chap.

His indecision means he’s weak,

Mine indicates a clever streak,

A mark of statesmanship! You see,

I weigh decisions cautiously.

His press events — electioneering!

Unlike my own, which are endearing

To the voters, who’ll discern

My sincere interest and concern.

His piety is hypocritical.

Mine is authentic, nonpolitical;

For voters know I really nurture

Each and every cherished virtue!

And so I say that Tweedle Dee

Is not identical to me.

And voters surely have the sense

To calculate the difference.

They’re quite enlightened and reflective;

All they need is the right perspective.

God’s busy painting rainbows,

Through every storm,

For everything’s under God’s control,

And He keeps us from danger and harm.

Oft times He keeps us

Within the storm’s "eye,"

Though raging waves threaten,

His Presence is always nigh.

For He is our trusted Pilot,

Who navigates life’s sea,

All the saved are safe within His care,

Now and throughout eternity.

For God’s busy painting rainbows,

Making His light shine through,

Soon He’ll make the dark clouds just roll away,

And out will come "the blue!"