America is sitting on a powder keg,

And the "fuse" is lit,

Paramount issues are at stake,

We must choose between "Barack and Mitt."

The course we take will most likely be irreversible,

That’s why our decisions matter so much

For the generations that follow us,

We must vote on more than "just a hunch."

What kind of America will we create?

One that upholds God’s values and truths,

Or will we become a degenerate nation,

With morals that are lax and loose?

We owe such a great debt,

To the world that we will someday leave behind,

For America now sits on powder keg,

Far worse than any land mine.

For the course we travel,

Might have many repercussions and ramifications,

For God may not always bless America,

Or look with favor upon our Nation.

Oh, may God’s blessings always be upon us,

May we take a dynamite stand for right,

This November 6th will show our true colors,

So Americans, let’s get in the fight-

And not wait too long to seek God

Let’s not wait until we’re brought to our knees,

For today we’re sitting on a powder keg,

That is challenging everything we believe!