My grandma was antique.

Living to be 100 years old will do that.

She was beautiful, strong, and stubborn,

all in an old fashioned type of way.

You would have to be to make it to 100.

It’s this strength that I admired the most in my grandmother.

She lived through the Depression, several wars,

and the loss of the love of her life much too early.

She retained this quiet strength throughout her life

and was always so steadfast for her family.

I like to think that she has instilled this

in each of us as part of her lasting legacy.

She was loving and caring toward everyone.

She had a quiet grace and southern charm.

She was our matriarch,

and life will be very different without her.

She will forever be cherished and loved.

We were very blessed to have had her for so long.

I am so thankful I will see her again one day.

Cold wind and snow ... you must stay in;

So much snow ... weather bad ...

Cloudy sky ... where sunshine has been;

Stay busy ... don’t feel sad.

Nerves on edge ... just pacing the floor;

Trying to settle down ...

Waiting for chance ... to open door;

Anxious to look around.

Tell myself ... find something to do;

Be thankful all is well ...

Take time to pray ... study God’s Word;

On blessings ... best to dwell.

Instead of cabin fever ... rest;

Take time ... stress ... understand ...

Need search our heart ... give God our best;

Cabin ... prayer ... not fever.

Winter is making its "magic"

As the snow starts to fly,

Why, we wished for a "white Christmas,"

Ever since the middle of July!

Trees laden with snow in it boughs

Icicles hanging everywhere,

Everything has a winter glow,

As Jack Frost nips the air.

Fireside hearths warm our hearts,

With happy faces all aglow,

Anticipating the holidays,

Trees, lights and mistletoe.

Each season possesses beauty,

But, wintertime simply enthralls,

It is so breathtakingly beautiful,

It makes us stop and pause,

And consider the handiwork of our Creator,

Seen in every snowflake that falls,

Oh, wintertime is making its "magic,"

In the best season of them all!