Poetry is Music

By Helene Stallcup

Poetry is the music in our hearts

poured out in words,

a universal melody,

easing pain, increasing joy,

making the reader cry out,

"Yes! I see! I feel! I understand."

"These are my thoughts,

the yearnings of my heart."

"This is my song!"

The poet makes the world sing

to the music of his pen.

Coming and Going

By Pamela Hixon Rhea

As the New Year comes,

And the Old One goes,

Into the future we cannot see ...

Only God knows.

So it’s wise to be sure

Of one’s eternal destiny,

With your soul anchored in Jesus

For all eternity.

For the New Year to bring us joy,

Each person must decide,

What they will write,

Upon its page of spotless white.

So that whether you win that sweepstakes,

Or fall off the "fiscal cliff,"

I have penned these words

To give your heart a lift.

Just trust your future to the One,

Who is steadfast and sure,

Whose promises you can count on

And whose love, grace and mercies shall endure.

Do not squander time,

For it is a precious commodity,

Resolve to live your best for Jesus,

Whatever New Year might hold or be.