Got Milk?


If the Farm Bill doesn’t pass soon,

They say, the price of milk will double,

Milk will become the new "status symbol"

Which shows America is really in deep trouble.

For if you have the money to buy milk,

You will consider yourself blessed indeed,

You will be one of the "haves," not "have-nots,"

Everybody will have to concede.

But, I can’t imagine much milk

Flying off the shelves,

For this economy is so tight,

There will be much plunder of pelf.

We will get down the "nitty-gritty."

The Bible tells us. Why spend on that which not food?

We will ask each other "Got Milk?"

If they do, we’ll assume they’re "doing good."

Because when the price of milk

Goes skyrocket high,

The rest will have to learn to eat...

Their cereal dry!

Something I’m afraid the future generations

Will never really get,

That people used to eat

Their cereal wet!

The Diamond Planet


Have you heard about God’s newest creation?

Of the diamond planet,

Twice as big as earth, from us four light years away,

For you see. God’s power has no limits.

Beautifully faceted as a diamond should be,

Surrounded by intense heat,

It didn’t take millions of years to form,

But came ready-made and complete.

It’s not a mere diamond in the rough,

But, rather of exquisite design,

Which we can see but never touch,

A diamond more brilliant one cannot find.

It just showed up in our universe,

Appearing just out of the blue,

The God Who made man a living soul from dust,

With His creation is not through.

For there’s a diamond planet,

Out there in outer space,

For God holds all creation in suspension through Christ,

Ordering each in its rightful place.

A diamond planet — how amazing,

And one that has appeared brand new —

We didn’t miss seeing it, for it was just created —

I think, to show us what God can do!!!