Thank the Lord


By Maxine Spryes Hixon

I was born in America... thank the Lord:

Without doubt, the greatest country in the world!

Some struggle to get here... barely can afford.

I was born in America... thank the Lord:

Strangers from all countries on our shores have moored,

Go home, if offended, when our flag is unfurle;

I was born in America, thank the Lord:

Without doubt, the greatest country in the world!


By Maxine Spyres Hixon

All things are possible to him that believeth ...

In Christ’s name, we need ask, with faith,

help to receive;

We must trust God to provide what’s

needed in life,

Waiting with faith ... though dark threads

with bright ones. He weaves.

He’ll not put more on us than we’re

able to bear:

As the Master Weaver, God knows just

what we need ...

And to obey in adversity ... we need dare

Our love is proven not in words, but

by our deeds.

Walking by sight ... in light of the sun, is not faith:

But, pressing on, in the dark, black

shadows of night....

Seeing as best we can ... in faith’s light,

not by sight;

Letting Christ shine in our life,

the world’s only light.

It Began ‘as a Dream’

By Pamela Hixon Rhea

Our forefathers faced many hardships,

To build America great and strong,

They endured much stormy weather,

As they fought to right the wrong.

For America was founded upon sound principles,

With their motto being "In God We Trust,"

Surmounting difficulties, they persevered,

For it was liberty for them or bust.

They held the flag up high,

And never let it touch the dust,

One nation, under God indivisible,

With faith in Him, a must.

And, today, we enjoy the freedoms,

Because they for us paved the way.

That we might travel an easier road,

All of our days.

And we can call America home,

And those things we hold dear and in high esteem,

Are all because of some brave and daring hearts,

With what began "as a dream."

The Story of the Eagle

By Pamela Hixon Rhea

Did you know that when the mighty eagle molts,

He is not alone?

His fellow helpmates come to his rescue,

To make their presence known.

They urge him to not give up,

But to keep in the fight,

They swoop down and call to him,

To make sure he’s all right.

As they urge him on,

They supply his every need,

This is the stuff that life is made of,

Their message seems to plead.

And when he answers back,

Though the struggle be at length,

Because they care so much,

He gains a newfound strength.

Perhaps you, too are going through,

Something that calls for strength within,

Remember that when the mighty eagle falls,

It’s a beginning not an end.

Your friends won’t let you call it quits,

It is a situation that’s "do or die,"

So when the challenge arises to meet you,

Remember the eagle who once again will fly!