Ripple Effect

Have you ever thrown a stone,

Just a pebble, in a pond or lake of water?

And watched the little waves increase,

As the circles continue to reach out farther.

That one small stone makes quite a stir;

Then settles back to be as it were.

Did you ever think that one small act,

Could set in motion, a very long chain;

Of things — good or bad — you can never call back.

We need be careful of what we do;

It can work in a positive way...,

Some kind deed or word you say;

For someone in trouble, you offer to pray.

Can change a life and save the day.

Much of the time, we think it doesn’t matter.

Don’t forget... ripple effect —a small stone in the water!

Always Friends

Everybody needs a friend.

Friends help each other

by caring about each person’s needs.

Friends will always keep in touch

with each other

by writing letters to each other,

spending time with each other,

going to visit each other,

and calling each other

on the telephone no matter

where they live.

Friendship spreads

all around the world to every


Friends need each other

for a kind word, a shoulder to

lean on when they need to be

cheered up.

Friends pray for each other too.

Nobody can live on this earth

without a friend or friends

that loves and cares about

you: (them, us).

God and Jesus Christ

are our best friends

they will never leave nor

forsake us.

They love and care about us.

About the Father’s Business

I guess my Mother was about as close to perfection,

As mere mortal sinful man could ever get,

She loved so selflessly,

And was the most gracious person anyone ever met.

When God called her name,

And the Holy Angels carried her to Heaven’s home,

She went to a far, far better place,

Where tears and heartache are not known.

But, oh, how we do miss her,

And we’re looking forward unto that day,

When the saved will be regathered,

In Heaven’s bright land just over the way.

But, I know she’s busy in Heaven,

For I think if we could have a look,

We would have found her on that sad, tragic day,

Welcoming those children of "Sandy Hook."

For that is so like her,

To have been on those golden streets, to wait,

Loving and caring with all her heart,

Leading those Newtown children through the Pearly Gates.