Springtime is a wake-up call;

For everything it seems!

Little seeds covered with leaves;

Come peeping through the grass.

Trees can be seen, not quite green,

Tiny buds unfolding, showing life at last.

The hillside will be a profusion of colors,

With a little, sunshine and rain.

Birds singing and making their nest,

Their melodies on the air do linger,

Air balmy — the scent of rain,

Oh, what joy! — glorious spring!

Children playing childish games,

Young people on the porch in swings

Listen to tree frogs and crickets before the rain.

God gives His wake-up call ...

New life — winter is over — it’s spring!

That Blessed Old Bible

I had a God-fearing Mother and Father,

My earliest memories are learning at Mother’s knee,

And through the years, nothing grown as precious

As that blessed old Bible to me.

For in it is found all life’s answers,

To all this world’s troubles and ills,

Handed down to us through the centuries,

It’s power is ever with us still.

For it is the Word of God —

Teaching man how to live and die,

The true meaning of our existence,

Of that Heavenly home on High.

It contains jewels of wisdom,

For in it treasures are found,

It contains all mankind ever needs,

And its admonishments are true and sound.

It was written for sinners,

To see the error of their ways,

It was written for the saints of God,

To give them that hope beyond the grave.

Today we hear so much about solutions,

And vain philosophy,

But, nothing is so dear on earth,

As that Blessed Old Bible to me.