Easter Celebrated

How befitting Easter, should come in the spring;

When things of winter, dormant, come alive!

And cloak of winter, to the sun, does fling!

Jesus came to die for man; sin was rife!

Such love portrayed! How the heart of man should sing!

Though living here below, midst so much strife!

The grave could not hold our Savior and King!

He arose and sits at the right hand of God;

Making intercession for those who’ve escaped, sin’s sting!

God so loved the world. He gave His own Son,

That whosoever believeth in Him ...

Should not perish but have everlasting life!

Christ was the first-fruits of the resurrection;

All those who are saved .. .a promise to them!

Sovereign Peace

When crises form like thunderclouds

and terror sharp as lightning crowds

out faith in God for good,

I hear a silent voice,

"My precious child, rejoice.

Everything is going as it should.

You can not see triumphant grace

arranging everything in place.

My plan cannot be understood

by analyzing so you must

have faith, rejoice and trust

everything is working out for good."






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