If Every Night Was Like Last Night

If every night was like last night, I would not be the nurse you see. I would

be working at the factory.

If nursing were like It was last night when early on, as an orientee. I would

have decided nursing was not for me.

I had a chance to work at the boat factory. At that time I thought not. I

wanted more you see.

I wanted to contribute to society: I wanted to help people be the best that

they could be! How could I do that and work at a factory.

So I worked hard. Studied hard and raised a family. I got that nursing

degree. Opportunity opened up for me. I was happy helping people you


Admission. Discharge. Transfer patient. Chart, Chart, Chart. Point and

click Tap, Tap, Tap. Move faster, faster, faster. Wash your hands. Gown and

Glove. Clean and wipe apply some ointment. Pass Pain medications first

this one then that. Smile say Please and Thank You. Faster faster faster.

Patients are waiting, waiting. We need that bed. Is that patient gone. Strip

it clean it call EMS. Another waits for a place in that bed. Did you draw

that blood? That patient needs help he is wet. Did someone feed that

patient supper? Isolation did you say? Admission. Discharge. Transfer out.

Chart, Chart, Chart. Point and Click Tap, Tap, Tap. Move

faster, faster, faster.

If every night was like last night. I would not be the nurse you see. I would

be working at the factory!

Our Children

Our children are our responsibility!

Not the government or the church;

Not the neighbors or the school.

— Though do unto others...

As you would have them do unto you;

Taken from the Bible — Is the Golden Rule!

To bring children into the world,

... Is a serious matter...;

A gift from God, lent for awhile.

They’re to be loved, cared for and fed;

Hugged, made feel secure, by us be led.

Raise them proud to be — your son or daughter.

Not all the material things you give them;

Make up for them feeling shame, for things you do.

When the home has Christ as its head;

And children are taught by example;

Not always told — “Don’t do as I do — but do as I say!”

Children will grow up in a much better way!

No Strangers in Heaven

On earth we are just pilgrims,

Sometimes strangers oft are we,

But, there’ll be no strangers in Heaven,

For there no strangers will ever be.

For all who go to Heaven,

Will be there by the grace of Calvary,

For Christ’s precious blood atones our sins,

For us He was crucified on that cruel tree.

No, there’ll be no strangers in Heaven,

Because upon Jesus we believed,

’Twas by God’s mercy and grace He saved us,

No merits can we plead.

And everybody will know everybody,

And we will feel quite “at home,”

We will stand with the redeemed,

And be gathered around God’s Throne.

For the saved are part of the family of God,

“Born again” for all eternity,

We will praise Him forever and ever,

For there’ll be “no strangers” in God’s