Faulkner County Retired Teachers Association

President Hervey Galloway called the May meeting to order. Hervey asked First Vice President Peggy Sturgis to introduce Virgie Tsuda, who then introduced musicians Jake Bass, Landon Cole, Elisa De Togni, and Matt Stephens. The award winning saxophone quartet provided music during the potluck luncheon.

Florene Phipps read the minutes of the April meeting. Betty Stevens gave the May financial report. Charlotte Bell, chairman of the May hosts/hostesses, introduced her committee: Doretta Bright, James Clark, Hervey Galloway, Florene Phipps, Sharon Rapp, Peggy Sturgis, and Sharon Whitley.

Charlotte Bell reported 40 members present. Julia Fraser announced that 828 community service hours were reported for the month of April. Judy McKnight went over the list of committees and asked members to update their preference for service next year.

Hervey Galloway installed the following officers: President, Bill Stephens; President Elect, Janie Bloxom; First Vice President, Kathryn Starr; Second Vice President, Judy McKnight; Secretary, Jay Fortner; Treasurer, Betty Stevens; Parliamentarian, Hervey Galloway; Reporter, Julia Fraser; and, Historian, Charlotte Bell.

President Galloway reported on the Area VI Spring Conference held May 15 at Woodland Heights in Little Rock. Ed Bradberry was elected and Sharon Rapp re-elected to three-year terms as co-directors of ARTA Area VI.

Hervey reminded the group of the ARTA dues increase effective July 1. The officers’ planning meeting will be held at 10 a.m. May 29 at the McGee Center. The date for the ARTA State Convention is Sept. 26 at Clear Channel Metroplex, Little Rock.

Prior to adjournment, Carl Barger gave away a copy of each of the three books he has written. The first fall meeting will take place at 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 17.