Old Age Isn’t ‘For Sissies’

Old age isn’t "for sissies,"

Nor for the faint of heart,

For it comes with all its aches and pains,

And on the list, that is only the start.

There are dentures, eye glasses, and hearing aids,

Wheel chairs and walking canes,

Many times not knowing if you’re coming or going,

Amidst all of life’s ills and strains.

Unsteady steps and a halted gait,

And even memory loss —

Making for lots of "senior moments,"

And yet over the truth still I gloss.

For old age isn’t "for sissies,"

Yet, considering the alternative,

We go bravely down that road,

Which is a one-way street.

No, old age isn’t "for sissies,"

For someday you will see,

I didn’t make a mountain out of a mole hill,

But, that you received "fair warning" from me.

Charity and Home

Charity begins at home — so many times we

hear them say —

Excuses won’t fill the cup or the hungry feed.

If we care nothing for our own — there’s

no need for us to pray.

We’re worse than an infidel in the Bible

we can read ...

Better be kind at home — than pretending to worship,

burning incense far away.

Then neglect to provide — for those God

has given us ... with deeds.

Time is Fleeting

One can never live in the past,

The past moves on, can never last;

If one lives in the, "now" of time;

It’s soon the. "past" ... two won’t combine.

The "future" hovers over, "now";

When, "future" moves, we all ask, "how"?

When it is, "now" it passes fast;

Shadow of time ... fleetingly cast.

Each day gives one a chance to do,

That which is right, as life’s pursued;

Live the, "now"; respect its passing,

"Future’s" ... "now", continue basking.

The past is not where life begins,

Helps one see better where he’s been;

Appreciating the, "now" of living ...

Soon, "future" to, "past" is giving.

Salvation’s free... not a reward,

Through repentance with faith in the Lord;

"Now" sin’s forgiven ...freed of the "past";

"Now" and, "future" ... difference is vast!