Saying Goodbye

Some evening

when the sky is golden,

think of your departed loved one

that you held so dear,

follow the day

into the western sky,

without pause or heed

until you behold the happy hills

where wild flowers seed

and green grass grows once more.

- And before returning

to the reality that’s

in the gardens and dungeons

of your mind,

you will know that

faith sustains,

the journey has been good

and that your loved one arrived.

It’s only then

that you say goodbye.


Joining hands together

helping each other, loving,

and caring about each other,

respecting each other,

treating each other right,

and being at peace with each

other, makes this world a

better place to live in.

Everybody all around the world

needs each other’s help

with life situations.

Everybody all around the world

needs to know that

they are appreciated, loved,

and cared about.

Everybody all around the

world treat each other

right and with respect

no matter what language, color,

and denomination.

Time is of the Essence

Another year, can’t bank on it!

One knows not what a day may bring forth:

God meets out a life span, bit by bit;

Time’s of the essence, cannot hoard.

The years, days, hours, minutes won’t wait;

Memories, they are, after they’re gone.

No changing them, it’s much too late:

Time goes by only "now" alone!

Greet each day as a gracious host,

Carefully of all action thereon.

If enhanced, there’s nothing to boast;

Time escaped good or evil loaned.

What time is passed, never returns,

Just the present no future looms;

Yet, from the past we all should learn,

Essence of time, fleetingly zooms.

The day of Salvation is now.

For, now is the accepted time:

Time to repent in prayer to bow;

At Calvary, Christ paid the sin debt.