Parkinson’s Disease Support Group

The Parkinson’s Disease Support Group met Wednesday, Oct. 9, at the McGee Center.

Tim Vandiver and Faith Lyke from Conway Regional Medical Center presented a program about strokes. Conway Regional participates in the Arkansas Saves program, which is a program using telemedicine to provide treatment for people experiencing strokes. They showed a video explaining what a stroke is, the symptoms, types, and risk factors. A stroke is a "Brain Attack." It is where blood cannot get to the brain. Warning signs include sudden severe headache, sudden trouble seeing, sudden trouble talking or slurred speech, sudden one-sided weakness, and sudden loss of balance. It requires only one of these symptoms to be a stroke.

There are two types of strokes: 1. Ischemic, where there is a blockage — 85 percent of the strokes are this type; and 2. Hemorrhagic, where there is bleeding ­— 15 percent of the strokes are this type. There is a medication that has been approved and is now being used that, if administered within four hours of the beginning of the stroke, can decrease the severity of the damage if the stroke is an Ischemic stroke. So time is extremely important!

Stroke risk factors that a person cannot control are age (the older a person gets, the more likely it is that he/she might have a stroke), and sex and race (men and African-Americans have an increased risk of having a stroke). Risk factors that a person can control include blood pressure (suggested blood pressure is 120/80), blood sugar, and use of tobacco.

Mr. Vandiver told the group there are 4 million stroke victims, and it is the third leading cause of death. Arkansas leads the nation in the number of strokes.

Ms. Lyke presented each person a bag containing information about strokes, a refrigerator magnet, a fan, a pen, and other items.

The group presented each guest a gift of appreciation — a burlap pumpkin. Door prizes were won by Laverne Gilmore and Norbert Schedler.

Following the presentation and question and answer session, those present enjoyed oatmeal cake, assorted cookies, and spiced crackers.

November is "Caregiver Month." The November meeting will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 13, at the McGee Center, 3800 College Ave. The group will celebrate their caregivers.

For additional information, call 329-6282 or 501-246-1972.

Delta Kappa Gamma Society for Key Women Educators

The Theta Chapter of DKG, which includes members living or teaching in Faulkner County, met Sunday, Oct. 6, at Debbie Bratton’s home in Conway.

Hostesses were Tommie Sue Anthony, Judy McKnight, Lisa Christman, Amy Hubbard, Kristy Bentley and Janice Jones. Peggy Gregory, Vice President of the local chapter, presided. After a business meeting, the program topic was the "Arkansas Advanced Initiative for Mathematics and Science" presented by Ms. Anthony. DKG is an International professional honor society of top women educators from around the world promoting excellence in education. Established in 1929, DKG is just for women and provides members with valuable professional and personal growth opportunities, including leadership development. The Theta Chapter was organized in 1940. The next meeting will be 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 7, at Vilonia Primary School, #4 Bane Ln., Conway. The program will be presented by "The Vilonia Primary Melodies," directed by Ms. Geneva Day. For more information about Delta Kappa Gamma, visit our website, or contact Cathy Toney, Theta Chapter president, at

Beta Sigma Phi Preferential Tea

The annual BSP Council-sponsored Preferential Tea was held this week at the Wesley United Methodist Church fellowship hall with all four Conway chapters participating. Xi Master chapter chaired the event this year. The tables were decorated with fall arrangements and owl placemats.

Following the Opening Ritual and Pledge of Allegiance, BSP Council President Brenda Smith welcomed the group and led the Beta Sigma Phi Grace. The host chapter provided a buffet table of croissants with chicken salad, ham and cheese tea sandwiches, spinach dip, fruit and vegetable trays, brownies, lemon squares and autumn punch, all catered by Linda Leslie of Greenbrier.

Our speaker for the evening was Jim Davidson, founder of the Bookcase for Every Child literacy project. He explained that this is a totally volunteer project and that all funds raised are used to purchase wood and other supplies. Volunteers build 50 bookcases each year to be provided to preschool children. Books are donated by organizations and individuals throughout the community. Xi Master chapter presented Mr. Davidson with a contribution to the project.

Susie Hicks from Xi Master chapter, and representing Wesley church, gave a brief overview of the church’s Bread Basket and Clothes Closet, which are open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This year in lieu of door prizes, each chapter, as well as individual members, brought canned goods and other non-perishable food items for the Wesley Bread Basket. Cash donations were also received.

The door prize, a signed copy of Mr. Davidson’s book, "Learning, Earning and Giving Back," was won by DiDi McDaniel. The Tea concluded with members repeating the Closing Ritual and joining hands for the Mizpah.

Faulkner-Perry County Master Gardeners

Come and meet the Faulkner-Perry County Master Gardeners and learn more about how to become a Master Gardener. You are invited to attend our Open House called "Meet the Master Gardeners," Nov. 4, at 7 p.m. at the Natural Resource Building, 110 Amity Rd. For more information, call the Extension Office at 329-8344.