By the shore of the great beyond

there is a path

beckoning the vastness of the soul

- a path leading away from

blissful life and woe

into the moment

of final separation

where we must all go,

leaving behind

memories of the heart

the essence of mere mortality.

In our remembering,

a loved one lives

and we are blessed

by those memories.

In death’s aftermath

even the slightest


is a thing of splendor

to be cherished and enjoyed

in its fullness.

Remembering affection,

one for another,

is a joy unspeakable.

Its promise a thirst for living.

But someday,

when we are much later in life,

memories like dust,

will be scattered

by the winds of time

- some escaping

into dream spaces

in the corners of the mind.

Do not cut out such memories

that no longer rush

into consciousness

- for among them are sublime

pearls only time can find.

You Must Choose

Trusting the Lord is best...

Doing what we ought—.

God will take care of the rest.

On Calvary, our Salvation was bought.

We trust the Lord for

care of our soul ...;

But, worry and fret ... with such regret —;

When happenings in life

to our desire don’t mold;

Christ cares for His own ...

when we trust an let.

We’re not our own ...

we’re bought with a price;

When we accept the Saviour as our own —

Repentance and faith for

Salvation does suffice.

In unbelief and doubt...

one can worry until life is gone.