Sports Traditions

Dreaming dreams,

fulfilling them along the way

establishing landmarks

so that others will know the way.

With these, a winning tradition grows;

the will to win beyond the last home,

"a tradition that is like a radiant butterfly

that in time sits softly on your shoulder

and becomes your companion."

Once created, all traditions abide,

past, present, and future,

not in separate places, but side by side.

Each student generation shall

pass and in its sports be no more

except in the minds and hearts

of those that respect the achievements and landmarks

left behind — remembrances

spoken to be repeated again and again

as long as someone will talk of those days

and someone will listen.

A Good Question

At times, circumstance overshadows our lives,

We can’t figure out or understand why.

We need trust the Lord — our thinking revise.

If certain things hadn’t come about —,

And we traveled down, another route in life;

We wouldn’t be as we are now —no doubt.

But, not to go through life gloating —;

Nothing can come, without God’s permission.

There’s a scripture, Romans 8:28, with need for quoting.

"All things work together for good ...

To them that love God, to then who are —

The called according to his purpose."

When discouragement comes — turns away in rejection,

Refer to the scripture in the verse above —.

Do you love God? Ask yourself the question!

If always looking to the future — not what passes

Not always trying to manipulate God’s business;

We would certainly be separate — and apart from the masses!

For One Or All

Christ died for ALL... yet... each person’s eternity

was at stake —

When Christ was crucified, it’s as if you were the

only one... for which He died.

It took for ONE or ALL... His death upon the cross...

The sacrifice He did freely make.

Accepting Christ as Saviour by repentance

and faith — is the only way you in Heaven

will abide.

Just think how important you were to God the Father

and the Son.

In the covenant halls of eternity, it was planned...

Christ was to be the sacrificial one.

When Christ was crucified... resurrected... received

up to Heaven... Salvation’s plan was done.

It took Christ’s death to purchase Salvation... offered

individually... to each and EVERY ONE.