In My Notebook

High wrinkled hills of Arkansas,

a hundred splashing streams,

the hidden nooks in climbing trees

where I left secret dreams.

Louisiana, Idaho,

more states than I can tell

of California, Florida,

and Canada as well.

The wildest ocean waves that rocked

my ship and trembling heart,

strange lands that welcomed me or not

and languages apart.

From Guam I kept Tarija Beach

from Libya, the sand

and caravans of camels

trailing off across the land.

From Zurich, Paris, and Madrid

I took both new and old,

more from the Louvre and Prado

than I could even hold.

I have collected good and bad

both rare and precious things.

My notebook is so full of life

it bulges at the rings.

Wild in the Woods

I’ve moved out in the woods at last,

so glorious and free,

Out in the wild and woolly woods

where I have longed to be.

But wild things often come along

and dare disturb my peace.

Tarantulas with ugly fuzz,

I whack them into grease.

The copperhead is good as dead

beneath my wicked hoe.

I feed the birds and fight the squirrels.

The deer, I let them go.

I cut the bushes, move the rocks

and trim the shaggy tree.

My husband says the wildest thing

out in the woods is me!

So while they’re regulating guns,

outlawing thus and so,

He thinks they really ought to come

and confiscate my hoe!


The newspaper that you read every day

is full of valuable information.

It helps you to find information about a job,

and be very successful in life.

It is an influence to all of our life!

Even though it was today’s and

yesterday’s paper, the news that was in the paper

continues on to the next day and years!

It lets us know about special events that touch our lives!

Be thankful for the newspaper, radio, and television

that tell us about our community and our world.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

There are coupons that help

to save money and budget our grocery shopping,

sales at stores, recipes, poetry,

classified ads, and other things that are very important and helpful to us.