Winter Solstice

When winter wraps her wrinkled arms around

my world,

when her first snow flake touches

my upturned cheek

and whispers winter tales

about cocoons and butterflies,

I shiver slightly, reliving the memorized

cadence of cold.

Sleepwalking dried autumn leaves

crackle restlessly

seeking burial grounds.

Comanche rose bushes

fiddle the harmony against my bedroom window

as the naked silver maple hulas

to the wail of the willows

while the wind whistles approval.

Brown blades of grass

encrusted with customized shields

crunch beneath my red rubber boots

on stiffened earth.

The shock-absorbing bounce of summer ground

is buried beneath promises

like my tulip bulbs.

Icicles, suspended in stalactite formations,

spotlighted by the noonday sun,

sparkle haunting melodies.

I hear again the primeval hush

of the first snow enveloping the earth

shrouding the trees and shrubs

stuccoing the buildings

shouting, "God is as near as your frozen breath."

Arkansas Snow Day

In Fayetteville it’s two below.

It’s not so cold in Conway, though.

I wonder how the Yankees feel,

And why Arkansans love the snow.

We listen, as our veins congeal,

To tales from Maine, that seem unreal,

Of public schools that never close

Till snow would hide a tractor wheel.

We nodded as the puddles froze,

And Minnesota drivers, those

Who knew the way to handle ice,

Abandoned cars and, blue of nose,

Walked home, and sometimes did it twice,

While we, who thought it might be nice

To watch the kids play, let them go,

And found our off-day worth the price.

Christmas Love Every Day

Christ the King was born

on Christmas Day to be

our Lord and Saviour.

He loves and cares about everybody.

His love reaches through

our hearts to love people

all around the world,

no matter what color, language,

where they live, and denomination.

Christmas love brings about

the goodness of doing a kindly deed.

Sharing and caring about each

person’s needs!

Giving to each person a helping hand

no matter what color, language, and denomination.

Let’s spread Christmas love all around the world

every day of the year.