My wife and I had gone to bed for the evening hoping

for a good night’s rest.

Now, here is my story, that should be told,

it’s for all my friends both young and old.

As I nodded off, with thoughts of dreams,

my wife had woke me with child like screams.

She heard some noise up on the roof,

I said we’d wait right here, for further proof.

All of a sudden we were shaken by the clatter,

I said stay right here, I’ll see what’s the matter.

As I went to the den to our fire place,

there I saw, his rosy red face.

When I stepped to him he moved out of reach,

he was tired from his long journey, from Miami’s South Beach.

He laid on my couch with hopes of some sleeps,

I said to him, "you’re giving me the creeps!"

I told him we loved him, but he must go,

so up the chimney he went, with a final Ho Ho Ho!

I went to the window with the clear moon light,

there was St. Nick going out of site.

So I returned to my wife with sweat on her brow,

"sleep well my love, you’re safe for now."

Merry Christmas!

Ed Welsh