We Can Not Keep Christ In Christmas

Christ can not be kept in Christmas,

not behind a key or wall,

for his gracious love surrounds us.

He is in and over all,

Guiding through the Christmas rush,

guarding through unwinding years,

in the crisis and the crush,

comforting the pain and fears.

There are those who want to be

keeping Jesus where he slept,

but our Savior knows that we

are the ones who must be kept.

And Wise Men Still Seek Him

Three wise men

Traveled from afar,

To worship the newborn King,

They followed yonder Bethlehem’s star.

Bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh,

Befitting for the King,

They sought the Promised Messiah,

Homage unto Him to bring.

And wise men today still seek Him,

And ask Him to reign in their hearts,

For they know that of God’s Heavenly Kingdom,

They have the privilege to be a part.

You, too, can have God’s peace,

Way down deep in your soul

For the Christmas spirit is still alive,

And this ... wise men do know.

Yes, from a humble manger,

To that old rugged cross of Calvary,

Wise men still seek Him,

To follow Him, and believe.

What Christmas Means to Me

The love of family and friends,

Everyone gathered ‘round the Christmas tree,

Holly, lights, and mistletoe,

The smell of Mamma’s Christmas treats.

Snow flurries, enough to build a snowman,

Happy faces all aglow,

A cheery fireside hearth,

Jingle bells and sleigh rides in the snow.

The hope of peace on earth, goodwill toward men,

The Christ-child of long ago,

The manger scene and the three wise men,

Bearing gifts of myrrh, frankincense and gold.

The Promised Messiah come to earth,

The host of angels proclaiming Christ’s birth.

Hosannas unto the Highest,

God’s love encompassing the whole world’s girth.

Carolers singing outside the window,

The wonder of believing Santa Claus,

Busy shoppers bustling to and fro,

It all makes me take out time to pause,

To thank God for all His blessings

For another Christmas I’m privileged to see,

For "everything that tugs at my heartstrings,"

Is what Christmas means to me.

Let’s ‘Unwrap the Day!’

It’s Christmastime again,

Let’s "unwrap the day,"

For it’s God’s precious gift of time,

A time for us to celebrate...

With gifts of love,

With fellowship with family and friends,

So within each heart,

May the Christmas spirit revive again.

As we remember the Christ-child,

Who brought us hope and peace and love,

God’s only begotten Son,

Sent from the Father Above.

Let us rejoice over the glad tidings,

Of the Messiah who came to earth,

The Saviour of the world,

Who gives to mankind dignity and worth.

For it’s Christmastime again,

May the bells of Heaven ring,

And let our praises burst forth,

And we loud Hosannas sing.

For, it’s Christmastime again,

So let’s unwrap the day,

And find the greatest gift of all —

Is the Saviour who walked up "Calvary’s way."