Conway Civic League

Conway Civic League will meet at noon on Wednesday, Feb. 19, at the Conway Country Club. The program will be "Painting Our Town," with Artist Heather Mainord in charge.

Hostesses will be Sandra Hudson, Ruth Frenkel, Barbara Isom, Kathy Linn, Pat Ott and Dorothy Robins.

Conway Shakespeare Club

The Conway Shakespeare Club will meet at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 20, at the home of Sharon Thompson. Co-hostess will be Frances Hendricks. Carol Schedler will present a program on Margaret Coel.


The Alpha Iota Chapter of Kappa Kappa Iota met Monday evening, Feb. 3, at Julie’s Sweet Shoppe.

Tricia Moix, club vice president, introduced Julie Goodnight, owner of Julie’s Sweet Shoppe, as the guest speaker. Mrs. Goodnight explained and demonstrated how to decorate cookies and cupcakes. She then had each Kappa decorate cookies and cupcakes, which they took home with them.

Mrs. Goodnight decorated a cake as she explained and demonstrated step-by-step the process. She then presented the beautiful, delicious cake to Mrs. Moix for the group to enjoy later in the meeting when they enjoyed refreshments.

Mrs. Moix presented Mrs. Goodnight a loaf of banana nut bread as a gift of appreciation from the group.

Amber Horn, club president, conducted the business meeting. The raffle item was won by Doretta Bright. It was a beautiful picture frame. The door prize, a large box of Russell Stover chocolates, was won by Miss Horn.

Following the business meeting, Kappas enjoyed refreshments of pimento cheese sandwiches, cocktail wieners, trail mix, pasta dip, cheese dip, crackers, the strawberry-vanilla cake, decorated by Mrs. Goodnight, and assorted sodas and coffees.

Hostesses for the meeting were Mrs. Bright, Sarah Guinn and Hilda Lovell.

The next meeting of the chapter will be at 6 p.m. March 3 at the Faulkner County Library, 1900 Tyler St. Guest speaker will be Alicia Gough. Hostesses will be Brittany Russell and Mrs. Moix. Members should bring $1 for the raffle item and $1 for the state scholarship fund.

Laureate Nu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi

Laureate Nu Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi met Jan. 14, at the home of Anna Boudreaux with 16 members present.

The chapter welcomed guest Jackie Moix. Communication shared included a thank you note from member Carolyn Jones and an invitation to the city-wide Valentine Dinner. Treasurer Susan Childers reported receiving the Toad Suck Daze application for the chapter’s yearly chocolate-covered frozen banana booth and that she would take care of the reservation. The service committee reported on delivering items donated to residents of the Salem Place Nursing/Rehab Center. The chapter had purchased clothing and other needed items for five residents, and members had donated toiletries, snacks, socks, and other incidentals.

Members were asked to bring empty shoe boxes to donate to the center for a Valentine project. Plans were made to entertain sister chapter Laureate Alpha Delta on March 11. Suzanne Webb shared news of the adoption of a new grandchild. Before refreshments were served by Mrs. Boudreaux and co-hostesses Debbie Creswell and Jolinda Bryant, Nancy Penny updated members on changes in the availability, purchase, and use of light bulbs in conjunction with new governmental regulations.

The chapter also met on Jan. 28, at the home of Gena Bishop. Updates on planning to entertain Laureate Alpha Delta were shared by the committee, and the service committee collected shoeboxes to deliver to Salem Place. The second February meeting was changed from Lynn Tiner’s home to the home of Janie Carpenter with co-hostesses to remain Susan Salter and Sandra Schrekenhofer. After refreshments were served by Mrs. Bishop and co-hostesses Janie Carpenter and Barbara Money, a book exchange was held as the program. Members had been asked to bring two "gently-read" books from their personal libraries to exchange for two "new-to-them" books. Members played the "right-left" game with the story of a chapter meeting to complete the exchange. The next meeting will be the city-wide Valentine Dinner, which has been postponed until Feb. 18. The event to be catered by Pasta Grill will be held in the Wesley United Methodist Church fellowship hall beginning at 6:30 p.m. Instead of door prizes, chapters will be bringing donations to the Conway Animal Shelter. In addition, members are encouraged to contribute to the clothing closet sponsored by Wesley UMC.