The Arkansas State Society, Colonial Dames of the XVII Century is offering a scholarship to high school seniors or Arkansas students who have completed one semester of college.

The scholarship is for $1,000. The winner will be eligible to receive $500 for the first semester and will receive the other $500 for the second semester by keeping a C grade average.

Students are required to write an essay on "What was the Virginia Company, why was it formed, and what did it do?" The paper must be word processed and not exceed 500 words. Students must also provide a brief statement regarding his or her future.

Judging will be based on historical accuracy, discussion of supporting points, neatness, organization, grammar, mechanics and spelling, as well as use of multiple sources and clarity of expression.

Inclusion of reference page is desirable.

The competition is conducted without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin or need. Descendants of the Arkansas Society are eligible.

Applications are available at local high schools or by contacting Shirley Ann Barham in Conway at 513-9316 or Cay Jones in Heber Springs at 501-825-7691.

The deadline to enter is April 1.