On Highway Two

The prairie dogs are out

And running about,

Enjoying the morning sun;

Each one by his mound,

A real prairie dog town,

Having his breakfast, one by one.

The geese flying by,

So high in the sky,

Silhouetted against heavens of blue;

On their way headed south,

Their wild cries in their mouth,

Hundreds and hundreds; not just a few.

The mountains so high,

Arms reaching for the sky,

Their tops ail covered with snow;

Like a white blanket so warm,

All wrapped in the arms,

Of the wild wind as it does blow.

All of this fills our eyes

‘Neath Colorado skies,

As northward to Greeley we go;

To gather the blades we must,

Tho’ they’re all covered with dust,

To fill the need in our soul.

A Poet’s Dream

Dear Editor, I thought I’d write

And tell you of my dream one night,

In which I labored very hard

To be a more religious bard.

Assisting in this enterprise

Where angels come down from the skies,

Who tutored me in things divine,

And soon that wond’rous gift was mine—

To write about celestial stuff

Instead of silly, rhyming fluff.

I hope this dream will serve me well

When I take pen in hand and tell

Of golden streets and pearly gates

Or any theme that dominates

The works of those who versify

About that glorious by-and-by.

You Are Special

You are special to me

everyday of the year.

You show me that you love

and care about me.

I learn a whole lot of things from you.

I thank you for the things

that you have done for me.

I am thankful that you

are a part of my life.

Having you in my life,

helps me to get through life situations.

Your encouraging words, prayers,

and advice help me to see that

I can make it in life.

You mean so much to me.

You are special in your own way.

There should be more people

in the world like you,

that love and care about people.