There is a Heaven

Somewhere beyond the sun, moon and stars,

Beyond that Crystal Sea,

There lies a Heaven,

Home for all who upon Jesus believe.

Where there are no more troubles,

For no one will ever be sad,

For Jesus, Calvary’s Lamb is the light of it,

And He will make our hearts so glad.

Somewhere beyond life’s strife and pain,

Where there are no more sad good-byes,

We will live on eternally with Jesus,

For our souls shall never die.

Somewhere out there in outer space,

God hath prepared a place,

For the redeemed of all the ages,

Those who’ve been saved by His marvelous grace.

Yes, somewhere beyond the sun, moon and stars,

Just beyond that Crystal sea,

There lies a Heaven that Jesus Himself,

Hath prepared for you and for me.

Friends of Life

Everybody needs a friend,

so that they can have somebody

to talk to about situations

in their life.

Friends do what they can to help each other.

Real true friends stick by each other

no matter what the situation may be.

Friends love and care about each other

in their time of need of encouragement,

when they have lost a loved one that was close to their heart.

Friends keep in touch with each other,

by going to visit each other,

writing letters to each other, and calling each other on the telephone,

no matter where they live.

No matter where they live

they are still friends.

Jesus Christ is our best friend.

He will never leave nor forsake us.

We can call on him everyday.

He will answer our prayers

according to his will for our life.

A Time of Memories

There was a time of memories,

of poodle skirts and sock hops,

of drive-ins and soda shops,

of Eisenhower and dancing the stroll,

of fin tail cars and rock and roll.

Of hot rods and hang-outs,

of leather jackets and James Dean,

of looks for trouble, the rebel teen,

of simple ways and happy days.

There was a time of memories,

of I Love Lucy and Marilyn Monroe,

of Desi Arnaz and good old Joe (DiMaggio),

of creature features and black lagoons,

of diners and jukebox tunes.

Of nickel candies and Cracker Jacks

of Elvis guitars and cowboy stars,

of saddle shoes and beatnik blues

of simple ways and happy days.