That ‘Glad Reunion in the Sky’

Someday there’ll be a glad reunion,

With our saved loved ones who’ve passed


Oh, what a great time of rejoicing,

Awaiting us just "over the way."

When we’ll join hands once again,

And commune for all of aye,

And stroll together over Heavens golden


And listen to what our Saviour has to say.

Where we’ll

never know another heartbreak,

Or utter another sad good-bye,

Oh what a glorious meeting ‘twill be

In that "glad reunion in the sky!"

Where teardrops will never fall again,

And ill winds will never blow,

Where we’ll live in perfect peace, joy and love,

In Heaven’s eternal home of the soul.

Where we will be happy and free from all sin,

And bask in His goodness as the ages roll on by,

For someday there’ll be another meeting place for the saved,

In that "glad reunion in the sky."

The New Planets

Headlines in the newspaper the other day read,

"Mother lode of new planets, 715,"

NASA recently announced this bonanza,

Of exoplanets just arriving on the scene.

This big batch of planets just outside our solar system,

All circle, like earth, their very own star,

Astronomers expect to find even more,

When they look at the other two years of data collected so far.

This just shows we serve a great big wonderful God,

Who calls even the stars by name,

And the Universes testify to His creative powers,

Yesterday, today and evermore the same.

These discoveries shoot the "Big Bang" theory to "smitherines,"

For it supposes planets were formed eons of years ago,

Why, these new planets are just, "babes in the wood,"

And still have their "ethereal glow."

Birthday Blessings of Love

Birthdays bring the family,

relatives, and friends together

showing that they love and care

about each other.

Having family, relatives, and


goes a long way in life.

It is good to be thought about

on your birthday by your family,

relatives, and friends.

Being surrounded with people that

love and care about each other

means a whole lot to each person.

Everybody all around the world

loves to hear the words "I love you"

on their birthday and everyday of

the year.

It touches each person’s heart

when they hear the words "I love you!"