The Band

As I drove along so calmly ...;

Summer’s breeze so balmy —;

Places to picnic ... I did see;

Pavilions all for free;

Which seat would be the very best?

I’m staying as a guest.

A sign read ...“Evenings — Band Plays Here.”

In looking off and near ...

Nothing looked like a band to me,

There were only trees to see.

As I sat to await the crowd ...

Thinking they’d be too loud.

All at once, the music began ...;

Beautiful ...where’s the band?

Then I knew ... a “band” of locust;

Crickets, tree frogs and bugs —;

The cows mooing in the back place;

Dogs howling as the bass!

Bullfrogs bellowing from a near lake;

Owls whooting ...wide awake!

As the, “band” plays I meditate ...;

What if I’d brought a date!

Funny ... though the joke was on me;

The “band” was great... for free.

I’ll leave the sign where it was found;

On a stick in the ground ...;

Others will come to hear the band —;

They most certainly can.

Not knowing as they look around;

A band’s there ...yet, no sound!

Imparted Influence

Your life is an influence to people

by the things that you say, and do for them.

It takes an effect on other people’s lives,

when the things that you say to them,

and do for them help them with their life.

Their life is an influence to other people’s lives

by the things that they say, and do to help them with their life.

Influence is like a wildfire chain reaction.

It spreads over into people’s lives

whether it be good or bad,

it will effect people’s lives.

Everybody’s life is an influence to somebody.

Let us be a good influence,

to somebody’s life with a good pattern to live by everyday.

God and Jesus Christ are our best influencers!

Let us let our life shine for Jesus

Forever Ties the Sea

Forever ties the sea,

Forever ties the sea,

ties of my heart,

the heart of me,

ties of my love, beside my love.

Beside our shades of mellow,

we catch the sun.

The sway of palm trees, that bow their leaves,

on the gentle breeze.

Forever ties the sea,

Forever ties the sea,

ties of my spirit,

the spirit of me.

Ties of my love, beside my love,

beside our harbor of sunset,

we reflect the haze,

the day of sand castles, that rise and dream,

on the quiet shore.