Holland News 

By Margie Fulmer

It was great to be back in Sunday school and church last Sunday at Oakland Methodist. It makes you feel good to know you are missed.

Our pastor preached a soul searching sermon from the fourth chapter of Matthew where Jesus was calling the disciples. Jesus liked fishermen, they always seemed relaxed. He told them "follow me, and I will make you fishers of men," and they left their nets and followed Him. Are we this anxious to follow Him? We don’t hesitate to call on Him when we need help, do we?

John and Sherry came a while Sunday night and brought the McKissack grandchildren for a short visit. Jackson, Grant, Carter and McKinley have been visiting their grandparents, the Sellers and McKissacks, 

Steve and Heber at Conway, while their parents, Marshall and Amy, visited Marshall’s sister, Marie and husband and baby in Michigan a few days.

The family is looking forward to Bach McGinty getting to come home soon from the V.A. in Little Rock. He has been a patient there about eight months. Marian and Sunny are about worn out going back and forth so much.

Dale Collins fixed his brother, Tommy, a birthday dinner recently at Conway. Their mother, Rose Lee and Robert McElroy attended among several other relatives.

We wish to express sympathy to the families of Amanda Allison, Bobby Strain, J.W. Coker and Burvin Alread.

The Faulkner County Singing Club will meet Feb. 13 at Spring Hill Baptist Church at 1:30 p.m. I’m announcing early so people can prepare. We always have a great singing there. It’s a good place to sing. 

We sing from the convention books and also use the Heavenly Highway books if the director wishes. Come on out and help us keep this Christian singing going. After our generation is gone, there may not be much of this kind of singing left, since our children don’t seem interested.

I’m asking again, please send me some news.

I can’t report it, if I don’t know it.  Have a wonderful week, and tell someone you love them.


Shady Grove News

By Hazel Love 

After a couple of weeks with nothing to write, I finally got some folks to come thru with items. I will not have a column if no one is willing to help. Thanks to those who responded this week.

Our little community ambassador for goodwill is at it again. Hailey Ellzey has been sending cards and letters to a female soldier stationed in Afghanistan since November. She just mailed a care package to her. 

She has four roommates and Hailey made sure she had five items of some things so she could share with the roommates. Five deodorants, hand sanitizers, chapstick and also beef jerky and peanuts (among other things) that they could share.

She also saw the "Hints From Heloise" about cards for the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. She sent 36 card fronts to them. They reuse them to make new cards. She sent some thank you, birthday, Christmas and get well card fronts. They want only the fronts and they cannot be written on.

Why can’t we all be a little like Hailey and look for ways to help others?

Gale Garrison and Linda Carter attended the funeral of Stefania Sipa at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Jonesboro last Monday. Vernon and Cheryl Lyons, Leslie Knox, Andrew Linn, Katie Bruich of Conway and Carlia Smith of Little Rock attended the visitation Sunday night. Mrs. Sipa is the mother of Julia Robison and Stephanie Crain of Conway who work at UCA with several of those attending the services.

Susan Cavin, Kelsey Fagala, and I attended the Greenbrier-Greenwood basketball game at Greenwood last Friday night. After the game, Scott joined us and we all went on to Fayetteville to spend Friday night and Saturday with Chelsey. We returned Saturday evening and stopped in Russellville to attend the Miss Lake Dardanelle Pageant, which was very rewarding, as we got to see our own Amanda Glover crowned Outstanding Teen. She will represent the Lake Dardanelle Pageant at the State Miss Outstanding Teen Pageant in Hot Springs this summer. Amanda is the daughter of Kelly and Nona Glover, the granddaughter of Wimp and Barbara Glover and the great-grand-daughter of Hattie Hankins.

Meredith Hammontree came in second place in the Greenbrier Junior High eighth grade spelling bee.

Ed and Linda Hammontree are staying busy on these winter days playing "Boggle" and waiting on word for a time for Ed’s knee replacement.

The Bethlehem WMA is planning a Chocoholic Dessert Silent Auction for Feb. 13 following the morning service. This will be a good time for you to purchase your Valentine sweets. For details, see the Bethlehem Baptist Church Column.

Shane Atkinson is doing better now that he finally has a diagnosis for his stomach problems and is on a treatment plan.

Please be in prayer for Bill Hoyle. He has been in Houston this past week undergoing tests.


Centerville News

By Jennifer Freeman

As I write this, the weather outside is sunny and beautiful and I am thankful to live in Arkansas. I won’t get the chance to spend much time outside but it makes my day brighter to look outside and see some sunshine. 

There is not a lot to report for this week. I did get the chance to have an early lunch last Saturday with my mom, my sisters and Kaylee. We went to Stoby’s and ordered everything from breakfast to chicken salad sandwiches. After lunch, Kaylee and I were about to set off and take care of some much needed errands for home when Laura suggested we forget everything we should do to have our nails done. 

Kaylee is a girly girl and has never had her nails done before so we took off. She was funny to watch as she picked out a bright orange and smiled. I was surprised at the color but realized she chose her daddy’s favorite color when we got home and she was showing them off. We then went to Dylan’s basketball game in Greenbrier and ate at La Rositas.  

Please keep the family of Bobby Strain from Quitman in your prayers this week. He passed away from a massive heart attack and the family is going to have a difficult time with him gone. 

Also, keep Brad Goodrich in your prayers. He is still in UAMS after surgery on his brain. He is recovering slowly but is responsive and very aware of what is going on around him. I would also like to ask for continued prayers for Jim Freeman. He has been doing so well but had to go back to the hospital last week with a little setback. I hate that he had to spend a few more days in the hospital but am so proud of how he works hard to get better. 

If you have news for the Centerville community, please e-mail me at jennfreeman@windstream.net.