Charity and Home


Charity begins at home ... so many times we 

hear them say -;

Excuses won’t heal a wounded heart -- fill a 

pantry up or the hungry feed ...;

If we care nothing for our own -- there’s no 

need for us to pray --.

We’re worse than an infidel — not caring for 

our own -- in the Bible, we can read.

Better be kind at home ... than pretending to -- 

worship -- bum incense far away ..,

Then neglect to provide ... for your own--just 

with words -- not with deeds.

The Sweetest Mile


I think the last mile will be "the sweetest mile,"

For I’ll see the lights of Heaven’s home,

With Jesus there to welcome me,

And I’ll be known as I am known.

I’ll view life’s setting sun, and know,

Life’s battles are all won,

A new life unfolding, will just be beginning,

And all my work on earth will be done.

Loved ones will be gathered, waiting,

On Heaven’s golden shore,

Jesus, Himself, will wipe away my tears,

And time shall be no more.

Oh, I’m getting homesick for Heaven,

When sin will be vanquished -- gone,

That’s why I say the last mile will be 

"the sweetest mile,"

For it will end beneath God’s Throne.