Let’s Make This World a 

Better Place

By Pamela Hixon Rhea

As I stand on the brink of a New Year,

Ready to step inside,

Will my life reflect God’s grace,

And His love so deep and wide?

As I lift up my pen to write,

Upon its pages, oh, so white,

Will I lead some lost soul to Jesus,

Will I send the gospel light?

Will I help someone in need,

Or put a smile upon a face,

Will I live for Jesus in word and deed,

Will I make this world a better place?

Will we shed light unto a darkened world,

Will we give hope to those in despair? ...

That our lives will make a difference.

Is my earnest prayer.

We must hasten to redeem the time,

And not let the New Year lie in waste,

So that when we leave this world, we can say,

This world is a "better place."

Spent, but 

Not Gone

By Maxine Spyres Hixon

The year is past ... but never ...


ALL things on file ... not one —

  alone ...

For good or bad ... what’s done is


A lesson well-learned... when time

  is none —;

As the New Year pushes — the old

  one out;

Providing opportunities ... unfolding on route.

In thanking the Lord — while doing

  His bidding;

Next year our life of self-centeredness

  ridding —;

Another year with pages on which

  to write ...

How will the pages read — in an All-

  Seeing God’s sight?

Looking back with regrets over the

  year that’s spent —;

Opportunity to remedy mistakes —

  to some is lent.

The, "New Year" — just coming into


Should be a challenge for right, not —

  to just a few —;

To see if ... with God’s help — an

  improvement to make;

Correcting wrongs passed — that were

  a mistake ...

A Christian life should be, abundantly


Lived for God and when asked ... He’ll

  always forgive.