Holland Baptist Church

By Kathy Pearce

The senior adults were not disappointed with the Valentine’s party last Saturday evening. We all enjoyed an evening of fun, food, and fellowship. A huge thanks goes out to Krista and Jerry Mauldin for the work to make it happen and for the great prizes. Glenda Brewer also assisted with decorations and serving.

Sunday morning the men did an excellent job cooking and serving breakfast to the ladies. I even saw some of them washing dishes. We could grow accustomed to that. Their efforts were greatly appreciated.

Two new Sunday school classes were started this week. We expect great things to happen for His kingdom as a result. Krista Mauldin is teaching the preschool class and Bro. John Evans is teaching the young adults.

Bro. John continued preaching from the Revelation chapter 3 concerning the church at Philadelphia. He asked, "How were they able to have such a ministry for so long?" He said three things made it possible. First they had little strength. They had to depend on the Lord. Next they kept His Word. They didn’t compromise. Finally they didn’t deny His name. They gave testimony of the Lord wherever they went. Their worship was Christ centered as ours must be. If we’re seeking opportunities to share our faith then we have them.

Tomorrow Tim and Glenda Brewer will be taking our youth to Winter Jam. They should enjoy praise, worship, and testimonies from several artists. The speaker will be Nick Hall.

We have a long prayer list. Some on the list are: Bobie Hendrickson, Robert E. McElroy, Fred Purifoy, William McGaha and John Moore. Please pray with us for these and for our church as a whole.

May you be blessed wherever you worship tomorrow.