Readers of "Tales from the Trails of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Bus Driver" are invited to come along for the ride as Jerry Fitzpatrick of Benton combines life-in-the-limelight stories and personal life experiences. As you imagine riding in the back of a tour bus or standing backstage, he shares his journeys of driving entertainers and their crews. From rock musicians to women wrestlers, Fitzpatrick has worked with the best (and most notorious) performers. He pulls no punches in telling readers details about the music and musicians who changed our country — of what goes on behind the scenes and of the sounds and behavior that altered a culture ready and eager for that change.

Fitzpatrick has been with the Dave Matthews Band camp for 12 years. Before joining the DMB team, he toured with a range of musical personalities and acts, such as Van Halen, Barbara Mandrell, Eddie Murphy, The Grateful Dead, Bruce Hornsby, Aerosmith, Courtney Love and many more.

Fitzpatrick said he wrote the book for his three children, so they could fully understand why their dad was away so much and what he was doing.

The book was written with Log Cabin editor Richard Duke, Jillian McGehee, an editor with Inviting Arkansas magazine, and Marcia Camp. Copies are available at Hastings at 1360 Old Morrilton Highway in Conway as well as Barnes & Noble online in print and e-format for NOOK, and Amazon in print and e-format for Kindle.