Phyllis Washington

In my first article, I talked about the woman at the well and Jesus meeting her there. His meeting her there was not by chance but a part of His plan. We also make plans (or we should) in our everyday lives. 

That’s the reason someone came up with a brilliant idea and called it a planner. We needed a way to bring structure and order to our lives and something to aim for, a goal (Writing it on paper makes your visions become clearer).

Well, Jesus had a plan and we were a part of that plan. He stated his plan in 3rd John 2, which says, "Beloved my will for you above everything else is that you prosper and be healthy while your soul is prospering." Jesus came here with a plan to heal us in every area of our lives — soul, mind, spirit, emotions, and body. You can be healed in one area of your life but be totally deficient in another. You can be financially well but be emotionally bankrupt.

The Woman At The Well needed Jesus to touch every area of her life. In some areas, it is evident that we need healing, and in others it is not. 

Take for instance the woman with the issue of blood in Matthew 9:22. Due to her physical sickness, she was left financially sick because of spending all of her money on physicians. This led to emotional and mental sickness as well (I have learned in my lifetime that sickness in any area of our lives can and will spread to other areas). 

Jesus had a plan for this woman. He positioned himself in a place where if she would press beyond what she was seeing and feeling and make an effort to touch Him, then she would be totally healed.  According to 3rd John 2, God wants us well, and He has positioned Himself so that every one of us can touch Him.

God has given man the ability to educate himself and then teach others what he has learned. God will not do for us what we can do for ourselves. He supplies food for the bird in the nest, but the bird must make the effort to go and get it. 

There are people that God uses to help us — doctors, teachers, financial advisors and fitness trainers, for example. There is someone to help us reach our goals in life in every area. 

Take myself, for instance, I met a man one day whom, after a while, I knew God had positioned in my life to help bring me more physical healing. His name was Mr. Henry Hawk, a personal fitness trainer. It just so happened (or so I thought) that when I went to train in the same place that I had gone before to exercise, that Mr. Hawk and a few ladies invited me to join them free of charge. 

This affected my whole life. I felt better mentally, emotionally and physically. My self-esteem got a boost and I began to believe in myself and others.

I said before and I’ll say again: Every area of life affects another area. Mr. Hawk has a plan that is called "Well On Your Way." I must say that since I met him, I feel as if I am well on my way to total healing. I must ultimately give all the credit to God because He is the Master Planner and everyone else is a part of His plan.