Local writer Jean Leffler has been included in the recently released book, “The Vault of Terror: Tales to Tell Volume 3.”

The back cover reads: “This is a collection of tales of terror designed to chill your soul. This volume contains some of the very best tales of terror we could find.”

Pro-Writer Productions presents the Raven’s Inn Press book, which is an annual anthology produced by Del Garrett, who is a writer, editor and publisher living in Judsonia.

Leffler’s story, included on pages 72-78, is titled “The Legend of Uncle Joe.” The story is of a man named Joe and his wife Sarah, who migrated to the hills of West Virginia to settle down and build a new life away from the dirt and grime of the industrial revolution in New York City.

Joe was a prankster and loved to play tricks on those around him. Even after his death, he continued his pranks into the 1970s. That’s when the Leffler family lived in the home Joe built and haunted.

A copy of The Vault of Terror is available for $10 from Raven’s Inn Press, 806 Rhoden Road, Judsonia, AR 72081. Publisher Del Garrett, is available at del.garrett.s0ke@gmail.com.

Leffler is a member of the Conway Writers Group, and author of two books, “Spirituality at Sunrise” and “Seasoned Spirituality.” She currently writes for several Little Rock neighborhood magazines. She and her husband, David, live in Conway.

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