Two Bryant High School students will attend prom at no cost, thanks to a joint effort by small business leaders in central Arkansas. Bryant High seniors Aaliyah Farmer and William Owens are the first recipients of the prom experience, a move toward strengthening social and employment opportunities for individuals with limited resources.

“Due to unfortunate circumstances, some students who have been waiting to experience the most memorable occasion for a senior will not get to attend prom. If I can be a small blessing to that senior, that puts a gleaming light in my day,” TRANQUILITY Spa & Beauty owner Phanie’ Wicks, of Alexander, said. A Bryant High School alumna, Wicks hoped to help some of those students attend their senior prom by offering professional makeup services free of charge in her day spa. In her spare time, Wicks seeks volunteers to help restore formal gowns to students who need them for prom or other events.

Jessica Miller, founder of Momma Lynda’s Formal Emporium in Conway, a nonprofit that provides formal and professional attire at no cost to those who could not otherwise access it, will provide a formal gown for a student.

“This is what I live to do,” Miller said. “Feeling fabulous and confident on your special day makes it even more memorable, and everyone should experience that.”

Start Wearing Purple owner Martina Kimberley of Bryant will gift a manicure and pedicure for Farmer, and Alicia Waymire of The Lounge Salon and Spa in Conway will provide professional hair styling services. Male grooming, manicure and pedicure will be provided by Smooth, owner of Finishing Touch Men’s Lounge in Bryant. A Step Above, a formal wear tuxedo and suit rental provider in Little Rock, will provide wardrobe services for Owens.

The students will receive all services at no cost on April 30, 2022, beginning with a manicure and pedicure at Start Wearing Purple and Finishing Touch Men’s Salon, culminating with dress selection, hair and makeup at TRANQUILITY Spa & Beauty before continuing to the Bryant High School prom later in the evening. Transportation will be provided by TSC Concierge Services, LLC of Little Rock.

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