Ah, the month of June. Besides being the month that the greatest nephew in the world, Brent, who was born (June 8), June is known as wedding month.

Seems like everyone is getting married in June. Apparently, part of the reason for this stems from the fact that June is named after Juno, the goddess of marriage. The bad thing about June weddings though is that you run the risk of getting a wedding invitation to two different weddings on the same day. In my case, it was a great friend from high school named Christina, and my awesome stepbrother Chad (a salesman), marrying the equally awesome Jacy (an elementary school teacher).

But family comes first, as the old adage goes, and Christina's wedding invitation was sadly declined.

However, even worse than wedding scheduling conflicts are conflicts between bridesmaids. Shows like Bridezillas on WE tv highlight the awful side of the bride, but bridesmaids themselves deserve their own show. Jacy's gang of ladies (who will receive male names to protect their identity) could have been the pilot for my bridesmaidzilla show.

To start off, Jacy (who has been anything but a bridezilla) is against alcohol. Period. She never drinks and doesn't like to be around it. It's something that should be commended, as she'll save a ton of money in the long run. Sure a really good beer is one of life's finest offerings (especially if it's made by Trappist monks in Europe), but if you choose not to consume, more power to you for following your conscience.

With that in mind, her bridesmaid Frank (in this loosely translated story) decides it would be a great idea to take her to a piano bar. Oh Frank, you've only known the girl since elementary school! Surely you can come up with a better place to take the woman who is getting married.

"But it's not about the drinking! It's about the music!" Frank stated. Oh, but that part about her not wanting to even be near alcohol? Didn't matter to Waldo, one of the other bridesmaids, who seemed to agree with Frank 100 percent.

The third bridesmaid, Joe, a brilliant person, recognized the error in this thinking (recognizing that error is as easy as saying the alphabet), and let Frank and Waldo know that this wouldn't be a good idea.

"When she gets married, she's going to have to change her lifestyle anyways! She can't go to bed at nine every night" Frank and Waldo shouted back in amazing unison, leaving me to wonder what that had to do with anything. Yes, the lifestyle changes, but that doesn't mean you have to stay up later than you want to (especially without any children).

Turns out, in the long run, Joe was absolutely correct. No piano bar for the bride, who was grateful (and mortified by Frank and Waldo's suggestion) that Joe had the common sense to do what was right: standing up for her friend. And really, should that surprise any of us?

When it comes to weddings, more often that not, it's all about what the bride wants. A lot of men start planning weddings right after the engagement starts: most women start planning when they're seven- or eight-years old. So it would seem that, when it comes to taking the bride out for a pre-wedding party, taking her to a place she'll absolutely hate would not be such a good idea.

Out of courtesy, kindness and common sense, you should be accommodating to your best friend who is about to embark on a beautiful journey in life, not using her wedding as an excuse to get hammered in Fayetteville.

But with one more day left until the wedding, the storm has blown over, and Frank, Waldo and Joe are believed to be back on good terms. Which is absolutely great.

After all, isn't unity the underlying force of a wedding?

Congratulations Jacy and Chad. Hope you like the snow-cone maker.

(Faber is an avid Boston Celtics fan, a page designer and host of the Church Echoes podcast, available at thecabin.net/podcast. You can reach him at 505-1260, by e-mail at dustin.faber@thecabin.net or follow him at Twitter.com/dustinfaber)