The Conway Housing Authority is making going back to school easier for 63 of its children. 

Those children will receive a backpack and school supplies Thursday afternoon, according to Sharon Everette, resident coordinator at the Housing Authority.

"We do this every year," Everette said, noting that parents sign up their children to receive the backpacks and school supplies. 

The backpacks are filled with all items needed by the students at their school. The only qualification to sign up is to be a resident of the Housing Authority.

To help with the program, Everette said residents help stuff backpacks. 

"They have fun stuffing the backpacks and are more than willing to help with stuffing," she said.

Everette is also helped by the local Walmart store where she sends her list. 

"They pull the items, and I come and pay for them," Everette said. 

Providing school supplies and backpacks help the residents with expenses associated with sending their children back to school. 

"Oh yeah, I remember buying school supplies for my son when he was in school," Everette said. "I was the one running around with the sale papers. Providing school supplies helps the parents out a lot."

Everette said the money parents would have been spending on supplies can now be used on school clothes and shoes.

The program is available to students from kindergarten through 12th grade.