VILONIA — The Vilonia Chamber of Commerce is offering a one-stop shopping spot in their city during Bargains Galore on 64. 

"We seem to get more shoppers every year and the centralized shopping area is helping to draw them in," said Laura McNeel, executive director of the chamber. "There are some that are going the entire route and pulling trailers. We’ve got plenty of parking here, off the highway, and there is signage. They like this and it is safer."

With the event set for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, it is anticipated thousands will take to the roads from Beebe to Fort Smith to shop 160 miles of yard sales with many of them stopping in Vilonia. During the event, the Assembly of God Church has allowed the chamber for several years to utilize their frontage on Highway 64 renting booths as a fundraiser. This year, the church will continue that tradition. It is anticipated more than a dozen vendors will be set up offering a variety of wares ranging from the traditional to home decor and antiques to tools and hunting equipment. Also, McNeel said, vendors have said they will offer boutique clothing and hair accessories as well as magnetic jewelry.

"Over the past two years, we have averaged about 15," McNeel said. "We expect about the same this year, but we will have a few different and new types of items in addition to the general yard sale items."

Also, McNeel said they expect several vendors will be selling food products including soft drinks, popcorn, Sno-Cones as well as homemade salsa, banana bread and homemade fried pies. 

License tags, McNeel said, reflect shoppers from around the country. 

"We see so many from out of state. Last year, we saw license tags from many states. A couple of different come to mind. There were four ladies from Louisiana that heard about the huge yard sale," McNeel said. "It was their first year but we expect to see them again. They said they would be back. For two years in a row, a family has been coming from Oklahoma. They bring a trailer, start in Beebe and go the entire route. I’m pretty sure they will be back."

For those wanting to set up in Vilonia, McNeel said, booths are still available. The cost of a single booth is $10 per day or $15 for a double. For the three days, the cost of a single is $25 or $40 for a double. Electricity is available at $5 extra for a single or $10 for a double. 

For information or to rent a booth, call McNeel at 501-499-1312 or visit online at