Among reports recently released by the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office: 


1. Aggravated assault at 10-block of Ouachita Road (near Quitman). At about 1 a.m. on Aug. 8 a deputy was dispatched to reports of a stabbing. The victim said that he was walking down the front steps of his home when his girlfriend, Tammy L. Monreal, ran out of the house and stabbed him for no apparent reason. Monreal had left the scene but was located by a deputy. She "was mirandized and admitted to the stabbing," according to the report, which notes that an Arkansas State Trooper also witnessed her being read her rights and the confession. She was arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault and for DWI. The victim refused medical treatment, though MEMS advised him that the knife could have punctured a lung.

2. Robbery/assault at an unknown White County location. A 21-year-old Vilonia man called police on the afternoon of July 29 to say that on the previous night he had gone with three individuals to a liquor store in Sherwood and bought some beer. As the four were driving around and drinking beer, a man known to the victim only as "J-Bird" said "give me your money," according to the report. The victim assumed "J-Bird" was joking until he was punched in the eye. "J-Bird" and another man proceeded to beat the victim, steal his wallet, cell phone, shoes and $20, and dump him at a cemetery on Highway 5 in White County. The victim told police he walked around for about an hour before a good Samaritan allowed him to use a phone and call a relative to pick him up. No arrests had been made by FCSO.

3. Theft of property at 10 block of Quail Valley Road (a few miles south of Saltillo). A man reported on Aug. 1 that someone had cut his fence and the lock on a storage building to steal two Honda CRF off-road motorcycles (one 50cc the other 80cc) and a Honda TRX350 ATV.

4. Residential burglary at 200 block of South Bolden Hill Road (a few miles south of Guy). A man called police on Aug. 5 to report that someone had broken into his cabin by prying open the door and stolen all the pvc plumbing pipes, the septic tank plug, shower heads, window blinds, and the water heater.

5. Residential burglary at 600 block of Lee Andrew Lane (just west of Conway). A man reported on Aug. 5 that at some point between July 25 and July 31 someone had entered his home and stolen a Stihl MS280 chain saw and a men’s diamond ring.

6. Criminal mischief/possible terroristic act at 889 Otto Road (Oak Bowery Baptist Church, about a mile east of Saltillo). At about 8 p.m. on Aug. 6 someone detonated an explosive device composed of a plastic bottle, aluminum foil and a chemical substance outside of the church. Several people were in the area when the device, which generates heat and sprays a corrosive chemical, exploded, but no one was hurt.

7. Cruelty to animals at an unspecified Faulkner County location. A concerned citizen called FCSO on Aug. 7 to report that a woman was driving down a road throwing kittens from a van. The caller said that they were disturbed by this and wanted to prosecute the offender. One kitten out of the three thrown from the vehicle survived the impact and was taken by the caller to the Cat Clinic of Conway.

8. Indecent exposure/trespassing at 100 block of Highway 285 (a few miles west of Greenbrier). A woman told police on July 31 that while walking about her yard that morning she heard a noise in her shed and encountered six naked people inside; three males and three females. When the woman told them that she was calling police, one female laughed at her and the six left in a blue Jeep. A deputy responded and "checked the area to make sure there was no one else passed out or hiding in the shed," according to the report. The deputy also noted in the report that he was advised by the woman that "she could tell that they were highly intoxicated and it looked as if they had been playing beer pong."

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