The Vilonia School District has a new athletic director, however, the name is one that many already know.

Ed Sellers, high school principal, has been named to the position following the resignation of Matt Sewell Monday night. 

Sellers said he is "stepping up, just carrying a little bigger load" for the year. 

"The time was right for (Sewell) to leave, but it’s not an ideal time for the school to be hiring. School administrators have their contracts in place for the year," Sellers said. "I was asked to help out with the athletic program and that’s what I’m doing. But, my first priority will be to continue as high school principal."

Other administrators, Sellers said, will probably be asked to help with other aspects of Sewell’s old responsibilities. 

Asked about his new responsibility, Sellers said he will take the job day by day. While he has some concerns, he said there are two or three coaches on staff who have served as athletic directors if he needs a helping hand. Sellers said he also knows that Sewell is just a phone call away if he is needed.

"I’ve never been an athletic director, but I’ve been an administrator for a long time," he shared. 

On a lighter note, he said, jokingly, "I’ve been told that I may need to delegate a lot of stuff. I’ve also been told I’m a doer not a delegator — so there may be some problems in that area. I’m feeling a little pressure there already."

Sewell said his resignation is effective Sept. 1.

"Working as a school administrator is a lifestyle," Sewell offered. His job, he said, required working long hours often into the evenings.  

"My decision is based on the fact that I feel that I have short changed my family over the past three years. There’s no bad feelings, I just want to spend more time with my family. I’m a young man with a young family." 

He has worked in the district for the past 11 years, three of which in his current position. 

"It’s the only school I’ve ever worked for," he said. "I’ve spent a third of my life working here and spent some of the best days of my life here."

He said he loves the Vilonia community and plans to remain in it. He plans to begin a new job working as an insurance agent with the Sue Shock Agency.  He also said he loves the school district and he and his wife, Angela, hope their 3-year-old daughter, Mattie, will attend school there when the time comes. 

His faith, he said, has played a major role in his making the decision. 

"I’ve prayed and prayed about this," he said. 

He said the school district has "reached out to him," offering to allow him to stay in other capacities. While he appreciated the offers, he said, his decision is final. His only regret, he said, is the feeling that he is leaving the district at a bad time. 

"It was a tough decision," he said. "But I feel it’s the right time for me."