One of the wettest springs in history has not helped the progress of a bypass around the city of Vilonia. 

Glenn Bolick, spokesperson for the Arkansas Highway and Transportion Department, said grating and structuring is still occurring on a portion of the new road. 

To the east of Highway 107, Bolick said, the grating and structuring is complete. However to the west of Highway 107, only about 30 percent is finished. The current phase involves laying the bedwork for the road and grating. 

"We were hoping to be done with this phase by the end of the year," Bolick said, noting the rainy spring hindered the project.

Because the site is a new location, Bolick said the rain has especially hampered the progress. 

"We are now projecting to be finished by early summer of next year," he said. "We are close to a year away from finishing up and putting the base and surface down."

Bolick said the rain had caused some tension because people did not think crews were working on the project.

"It would rain for seven or eight days and flood the area. Then it would be nice for three days," he said, noting that people had asked why workers were idle during those days. "Because the area is underwater."

The delays have not caused an alarm toward the budget for the project. 

"There isn’t a concern about the budget. We have just changed the days the workers were able to work," Bolick said. "It has been a bad construction season."

The bid for surfacing the 10-mile project will be let next spring. Bolick said the surfacing and structure time frames might overlap a little. 

"We will have half ready so we can let the contract and be working on that half. We will be finishing one phase while starting another," he said. "We will work on both ends."

Bolick said a realistic goal for the project at this point would be the fall or end of 2010. 

The base work and surfacing will be funded by $32 million in stimulus money.