After only a few months together, Dean Hatcher and Matthew Huff of the Calm Coming are staying busy, playing events for Big Brothers Big Sisters and Make A Wish Foundation while also doing shows at Jeb’s in Morrilton and at the Centennial Country Club.

The duo, who Hatcher describes as “Simon and Garfunkel rear-ended by Dierks Bentley and Keith Urban, t-boned by Jimmy Buffett,” became friends through Huff’s workplace. Huff is a third-grade teacher and works with Hatcher’s wife at Woodrow Cummins Elementary. 

“I met Dean through her,” Huff said. 

Last summer, the two became friends and began “hanging out a lot,” according to Huff. 

One night after grilling out, Hatcher started “pecking around on the piano, and I started singing,” Huff said. “We took it from there. It was a freak deal.”

Hatcher agreed it was “very chance.”

The duo plays a country rock type of music drawing on Hatcher’s classic rock and Huff’s modern country roots. Hatcher plays the piano while Huff handles the guitar and most vocals. 

“We have a peppy sound and a story behind each song,” Hatcher said.

Hatcher and Huff recently completed a four-track demo at LifeWord on Harkrider, where Hatcher found a family connection. Although Hatcher grew up in rural Mississippi, he found that the director of LifeWord had married his parents.

“It was a full circle type thing,” Hatcher said.

Hatcher’s music career has also gone full-circle. 

He started playing in a band in college, however, his first attempt at college at the University of Southern Mississippi and his band pursuits were interrupted by Desert Storm, when he was gone to advanced individual training for the military. 

He and Huff both played in the marching band in high school. Huff was also in the jazz band and toured with a Southern Baptist Church choir. 

Huff said although music had always been a part of his life, he wanted to finish his degree and have a career before picking music back up.
“We both have real jobs,” Hatcher said, noting that he is a district manager for Waffle House. 

While they have recorded a demo, both enjoy playing live. 

“We really love to play. We are addicted to playing in front of people,” Hatcher said.

The Calm Coming is already internationally known. Hatcher’s brother, who is presently serving in Iraq, has introduced his friends to the duo’s music. 

“They love us in Iraq,” Huff said.

The duo can be found on both MySpace and Facebook under the Calm Coming. 

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