Conway police have arrested the mother of a 6-year-old child who died at Arkansas Children’s Hospital earlier this month.

Shequena Marie Williams, 26, of 3885 Ledbetter Drive in Conway, was arrested Wednesday afternoon on a first-degree murder warrant filed this morning in the death of her son, Javari Washington.

According to a Conway Police Department incident report released earlier this month, police were dispatched to Williams’ home Aug. 14 to investigate first-degree battery alleged to have occurred on the previous day at the request of the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children Division. This incident report does not include details of Washington’s injuries, but a Department of Human Services Child Fatality Notification lists his injuries as including hematomas (collection of blood inside the body caused by ruptured blood vessels) and cerebral edema (accumulation of fluid in the brain causing swelling).

The notification also states the child was involved in two previous DHS cases, one for inadequate supervision that was closed in November 2008 and another for educational neglect that was closed in June.

20th Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney Marcus Vaden was working last week with the state medical examiner’s office to prepare the charge against Williams, who had remained free since talking to investigators in the days after the alleged battery incident. According to Vaden, she wasn’t considered a flight risk.

The father of Javari Washington is currently incarcerated, according to Vaden.

Williams was located by police at 1000 East Siebenmorgen Road, which is the address of the local DHS office, and the warrant was served there.

Williams’ criminal history in Faulkner county includes a hot check conviction in 2003, with a sentence of 24 months probation imposed in November of that year. Faulkner County Circuit Court records show that she violated the conditions of this probation in December of 2004 by testing positive for illegal drug use and was ordered to serve 24 months in the Arkansas Department of Correction.

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