Special to the Log Cabin

VILONIA — A Thursday fight at Vilonia High School has resulted in two students being suspended.

The altercation broke out at about noon in the cafeteria between a senior and a 10th grader, according to school officials, during a time when about 325 students were eating lunch.

Regarding the incident, Superintendent Frank Mitchell said he was not present during the incident but that he has reviewed videotapes of the incident with both students’ families and believes the incident was handled properly.

"Mr. (Ed) Sellers did restrain the older boy, but it was not excessive," Mitchell said, responding to rumors of unwarranted action on Sellers part.

In addition to Sellers, Mitchell said other administrators, including a coach and Matt Sewell, director of student services, were present and helped to resolve the incident.

Sewell confirmed his presence, adding that he "had" the younger student and eventually escorted him out of the building.

"There had just been a fight, and the students’ adrenalin was running," Sewell said. "The senior was belligerent and out of control. Mr. Sellers didn’t have a choice but to restrain him."

Police were also called, Mitchell said. Mitchell said one student was suspended for three days. The other student, he said, received a five-day suspension.

Sellers also confirmed the incident and declined to comment other than to say that Mitchell and Sewell "accurately represented the situation."

The names of the students have not been released.