Among reports recently released by the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office and Conway Police Department:

1. First-degree battery at 4400 block of Tree House Drive, Conway. A child taken to Conway Regional earlier this month has been determined by doctors to suffer from "shaken baby syndrome," according to a CPD report released on Tuesday. The Arkansas Department of Human Services has been notified. According to the report, "it is unknown who caused the injury to the child."

2. Residential burglary/possible arson attempt at 100 block of Brookside Drive, Conway. Victim reported to police that someone had broken into an unoccupied trailer home and poured what seemed to be a flammable liquid inside. A witness reported seeing "a skinny woman with long hair" wearing camouflage clothing break a window and enter the trailer carrying a gasoline can. The witness said the woman emerged a few minutes later and set fire to a handful of paper, but ran away when another person yelled.

3. Theft of property/criminal mischief at 10 block of Lawrence Road (about a mile southwest of Greenbrier). Deputies were contacted and told that on Sept. 17 three males in a white Dodge Ram diesel were driving around the area stealing mail from mailboxes, looking in the windows of a home and catching and stealing dogs.

4. Theft of property at 3500 block of College Avenue, Conway. Victim reported that on Friday he went to retrieve a homemade utility trailer to find that it had been stolen. The trailer has distinctive wooden sides, the victim said.

5. Residential burglary at 700 block of Highway 89 South (about a mile northeast of Mayflower). Victim reported on Thursday that someone had broken into a residence and stolen a water hose and water hose reel, a Marlboro bag, a box with 500 magazines in it, some camping supplies and some iodine. 

6. Criminal mischief/possible attempted burglary at 400 block of Locust Street, Conway. Victim reported that at about 12:50 Monday morning he heard someone break a window of the residence and heard a vehicle speeding away.

7. Theft of property at 300 block of Highway 287 (Greenbrier). Victim reported on Thursday that he had gone to meet with an insurance adjuster at a home that had burned earlier in the month to find that someone had stolen what copper wire and copper fixtures remained.

(Those with information pertaining to these reports or any unsolved crime are urged to contact the Conway Police Department at 450-6120 or the Faulkner County Sheriff’s Office at 450-4914. Staff writer Joe Lamb can be reached at 505-1238.)