Employees of the Faulkner County Road Department are trying to keep their heads above water after a wet summer and early fall.

County Judge Preston Scroggin said when it came to water, "I have had all the fun I want. I am ready for a break."

Scroggin said road department employees were repairing embankments, pot holes and bridge approaches. 

When working on embankments, Scroggin said the road crews used large rocks to shore up the embankments.

He said the water on the roadways, especially roadways that were not properly constructed, was causing "base problems that are unreal." These problems lead to potholes.

Six crews worked Wednesday to patch potholes along county roads. 

Although the county is dealing with current problems caused by the most recent round of rain, it is also facing set backs caused by the summer rains.

"We are behind on overlay and behind on seven or eight bridge problems," Scroggin said.

He said that although the crews are behind on overlay, the county had completed 160 miles of chip and seal this year. 

"It has been pretty tough," Scroggin said.

Scroggin estimated that Faulkner County received more rain than the official amount recorded by the National Weather Service in Little Rock.

"We got rain Little Rock didn’t get. The north part of the county got rain that Conway didn’t get," Scroggin said.

A rain about three weeks ago hit the towns of Guy, Enders and Mount Vernon.

"They had a pretty good time of it," Scroggin said. "There are parts of the county that I bet have gotten 70-75 inches of rain this year. It is just unbelievable. This year will probably go in the record books."

He said several bridges in Guy and Mt. Vernon lost their approaches.

"We have had to go back and fill the roadway in," he said.

In addition to the approaches, Scroggin said several bridges were damaged. He said four of those bridges will be replaced in the summer. 

"They are safe now, but not where I want them to be," Scroggin said.

He said the road crews will probably spend much of the winter working damage such as problem ditches and erosion around culverts.