The Wellness Tour sponsored by AARP and Walgreens made its way to Conway on Thursday afternoon stopping at Walgreens on Oak Street. 

Jean Pierre Silva, spokesperson for the 2009 Walgreens Wellness Tour, said the tour offered a battery of tests that would normally cost about $140 for free. 

Walking through the bus, Silva said while waiting, visitors can watch a chef give recipes. 

The first stop is for a finger prick to check total cholesterol and blood glucose. 

"They don’t have to fast before our test," Silva said.

In the next stall, blood pressure, body mass index and waist circumference is measured. 

Silva said the final stop allows for the measurement of bone density by screening the heel.

In addition to the free tests, Silva said those qualifying for AARP can get a free one-year membership.

"It is a free snapshot of your health," Silva said.

Silva said this was Walgreens first year to partner with AARP. 

"So far it has been really good," Silva said. 

The program goal is to see 2.6 million people throughout the tour. 

"We believe in improving the quality of life and the value of health," Silva said.

The tour will next stop at the Arkansas State Fair this weekend. The bus will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.