Although the traveling Powerball display is not scheduled to stop in Conway, the game will launch here Saturday night at 10:15.

Julie Baldridge, Director, Public Affairs and Legislative Relations for the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery, said lottery officials do not have an anticipated sales amount for the first days of Powerball sales. 

"We thought we knew with the instant tickets," Baldridge said, but added that the actual sales had made officials, "shut up and sit down."

Baldridge said she does not expect the result of Saturday’s drawing to affect the amount of people who buy a ticket. 

"Even if someone wins, the next drawing will be for a $20 million annuity," Baldridge said.

The Powerball drawing for Wednesday night was set at $41 million.

Baldridge said that larger jackpots will most likely result in more sales. 

The Powerball Lottery joins eight instant tickets as a part of the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. Baldridge does not expect to lose instant ticket sales when Powerball begins.

"There are different kinds of players and people have preferred games," she said.

After Powerball launches Saturday, more instant tickets will be released Nov. 10, Dec. 1 and the first Tuesday of January. The Arkansas Lotto Cash 3 will begin Dec. 14.

"Some people will play one game. That will be their favorite. If they play Powerball, they might not play the other games," Baldridge said.

The machines to operate the Powerball game were installed when the instant ticket machines were installed. Winning numbers can be found on the Powerball Web site, at lottery retailers, and through television broadcasts although no station contract has been signed.

Baldridge said the Powerball launch will be more fun.

"We can relax and know that things will probably go just fine," she said.

The only problem she foresees is if there is a problem in shipping tickets to retailers. 

Powerball is a multi-state jackpot game with each ticket costing $1. Drawings are held each Wednesday and Saturday at 9:59 p.m. A Powerball kickoff party will begin at 9 p.m. Saturday in the River Market Pavilion, 400 President Clinton Ave.