The Faulkner County man who collided with a vehicle occupied by his fiancé and her son Tuesday insisted after his arrest that the crash was an accident, according to a Conway Police Department incident report released on Thursday.

Rocky Leeroy Taylor, 28, of 224 Union Road, was being held at the Faulkner County Detention Center on a $5,000 bond, conditions of release being admittance to a substance abuse treatment center and no contact with his alleged victims — a 23-year-old woman and her 3-year-old son.

Taylor was formally charged Wednesday with two counts second-degree assault on a family or household member, a class-D felony, and the misdemeanor offenses of reckless driving, failure to stop after a property damage accident and driving on a suspended or revoked license.

A CPD officer who interviewed Taylor after his arrest stated in his report that, "I asked (Taylor) if he wanted to tell me his side of the story so I would have his perspective.

"He said he and his fiancé had been talking at his workplace. He said they weren’t ‘fighting’ or ‘arguing.’ He said they were having a ‘spat.’ He said she went to leave and he followed her. He insisted that he was not the least bit angry, that he simply wanted to finish the conversation."

When the vehicles separated at the red light at Washington and Donaghey avenues, Taylor turned his pickup truck left and immediately turned right, cutting through a corner gas station, accelerating through the fuel pump area and merging back into the straight path his fiancé’s minivan had taken. The collision redirected the minivan off the road and head-on into a tree. MEMS paramedics determined that neither the fiancé nor the child were hurt in the crash.

Taylor drove north from the crash scene on Old Morrilton Highway and onto highway 25, where he turn around. Witnesses reported seeing him again drive past the crash scene without stopping. He continued to a roofing job site where the incident began, and it was there that he was arrested.

He told the officer interviewing him that he was "trying to pull out behind her, but his vehicle ‘got away from him’ and caused the collision," according to the officer’s report.

"I asked him why he left the scene of the accident, knowing that he had just knocked his fiancé and her son into a tree," the officer’s report continues. "He said he was scared. I asked him what he was so scared of that he left his fiancé and her son on the side of the road without knowing if they were even alive. He said he was scared of going to prison. I asked him why he would be scared of going to prison if the entire incident were accidental. He told me his driver’s license was suspended.

"I asked him if he was telling me that after a horrific crash involving his fiancé and soon-to-be stepson in which they both ran head on into a tree, he left them on the side of the road and drove away without checking on them because he had a suspended driver’s license. He said that was the only reason."

There were six witnesses to the incident who completed voluntary written statements and each of whom, "Felt strongly, based on what they saw, that Mr. Taylor’s actions were intentional and malicious," according to the officer’s report.

"I believe he intentionally rammed that green van," one witness wrote.

"He ramped the curb and came back around and intentionally (creamed) the left side of the van," wrote another.

"It was (intentional)!," wrote another, and another wrote, "Definitely intentional."

And another stated that: "The truck pulled into the Shell gas station and waited on the girl in the van to get next to him and then he gunned the engine and slammed into the van and knocked her into the tree."

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